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    Elevate Your Space with Our Design Services

    From Concept to Reality

    At Golden State Design & Engineering, our residential and commercial architectural designs in Folsom are crafted to bring your vision to life. We offer a full spectrum of design services that ensure every detail of your project is meticulously planned and executed. Our offerings include:

    Our professionals provide these services to ensure that your project is handled with precision and expertise.

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    Why Choose Golden State Design & Engineering?

    Your Partner in Success

    Choosing Golden State Design & Engineering means partnering with dedicated engineers who are committed to your success. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project so that you receive the highest quality service.


    Our multidisciplinary team includes some of the most talented and experienced engineers, surveyors, and planners in the industry.


    We are committed to delivering top-quality results on every project, no matter how big or small.


    Our engineers operate with the highest level of integrity and professionalism, always putting your needs first.


    We leverage the latest technologies and solutions for outstanding results that stand the test of time.

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    As-Built Plan Design: Documenting Existing Conditions

    Accurate and Detailed

    Our As-Built Plan Design service is essential for capturing the existing conditions of your property. It provides a detailed and accurate representation of your building, which is highly important for any renovation or remodeling project. The sheets included in our As-Built Plan Design in Folsom are:

    What We Offer:
    • Cover Sheet in Folsom, CA
    • Site Plan in Folsom, CA
    • Floor Plan in Folsom, CA
    • Elevations in Folsom, CA
    • Roof Plan in Folsom, CA
    • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Plan in Folsom, CA

    These comprehensive plans ensure the existing structure is documented accurately, providing a solid foundation for your design project.

    Architectural Plan Design: Crafting Your Vision

    Tailored Architectural Solutions

    Our Architectural Plan Design in Folsom, CA, covers every detail needed to bring your vision to life. We work precisely with you to create a design that reflects your style and meets your needs. The sheets included in our Architectural Plan Design are:

    What We Offer:
    • Cover Sheet in Folsom, CA
    • General Notes in Folsom, CA
    • Low-Rise Mandatory Measures in Folsom, CA
    • Site Plan in Folsom, CA
    • Floor Plan in Folsom, CA
    • Elevations in Folsom, CA
    • Roof Plan in Folsom, CA
    • Reflective Ceiling Plan in Folsom, CA
    • Window & Door Schedule in Folsom, CA
    • Architectural Details in Folsom, CA
    • Exterior Material Callouts in Folsom, CA
    • Outline Specifications in Folsom, CA

    Such service ensures that your project is meticulously planned and beautifully executed from the ground up.

    GoldenState Design & Engineering ADU Builders Proud to be Recognized by

    GC Magazine
    MAde in USA

    MEP Plan Design: Ensuring Functionality

    Integrated Systems for Modern Living

    Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are critical to the functionality of any building. Our ensures that these systems are seamlessly integrated into your design. The sheets included are:

    What We Offer:
    • Mechanical Plans in Folsom, CA
    • Electrical Plans in Folsom, CA
    • Plumbing Plans in Folsom, CA
    • Electrical Load Calculations in Folsom, CA
    • Smart House Design in Folsom, CA

    By integrating these essential systems, we ensure that your space is not only beautiful but also highly functional and efficient.

    Title 24: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

    Compliance and Certification

    In Folsom, CA, Title 24 regulations are essential for ensuring energy efficiency in building designs. Our Title 24 service includes comprehensive energy analysis and certification. The sheets included are:

    What We Offer:
    • Title 24 Energy Analysis Calculations in Folsom, CA
    • CalCerts Certificate Registrations in Folsom, CA
    • Cal-Green Plan in Folsom, CA
    • LEED Certifications in Folsom, CA

    We ensure that your project meets all regulatory requirements for energy efficiency and sustainability, contributing to a greener future.

    Solar Plan Design: Harnessing Renewable Energy

    Sustainable Power Solutions

    Our Solar Plan Design service in Folsom, CA, helps you incorporate renewable energy solutions into your project. The sheets included are:

    What We Offer:
    • Cover Sheet in Folsom, CA
    • Site Plan in Folsom, CA
    • Solar Layout in Folsom, CA
    • Framing Plan in Folsom, CA
    • Single Line Diagram in Folsom, CA
    • Signage Schedule in Folsom, CA
    • PV Equipment Specifications in Folsom, CA

    We help you reduce your carbon footprint and achieve long-term energy savings.

    Fire Sprinkler Plan Design: Safety First

    Comprehensive Fire Protection

    Ensuring fire safety is paramount in any design project. Our Fire Sprinkler Plan Design in Folsom, CA, provides detailed plans for effective fire protection. The sheets included are:

    What We Offer:
    • Hydraulic Specifications in Folsom, CA
    • Fire Flow Testing in Folsom, CA
    • Fire Sprinkler Layout in Folsom, CA
    • Equipment Specifications in Folsom, CA
    • Draft Hydrant Design in Folsom, CA

    We ensure that your building is equipped with state-of-the-art fire protection systems, prioritizing safety at every step.

    Landscaping Plan Design: Enhancing Outdoor Spaces

    Beautiful and Functional Landscapes

    Our Landscaping Plan Design in Folsom transforms outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional areas. The sheets included are:

    What We Offer:
    • Landscape Plan in Folsom, CA
    • Hardscape Plan in Folsom, CA
    • Irrigation Plan in Folsom, CA
    • Tree & Material Schedule in Folsom, CA
    • Associated Detailing & Specifications in Folsom, CA

    We create landscapes that complement your building design and provide enjoyable outdoor environments.

    Interior Design: Bringing Your Vision to Life

    Detailed and Stylish Interiors

    Our Interior Design service in Folsom, CA, focuses on creating stunning, functional interiors that reflect your style. The sheets included are:

    What We Offer:
    • Interior Elevations in Folsom, CA
    • Interior Material Callouts in Folsom, CA
    • Detailing in Folsom, CA

    We ensure that every interior space is thoughtfully designed and beautifully executed.

    3D Rendering: Visualizing Your Project

    Bringing Designs to Life

    Our 3D Rendering in Folsom provides realistic visualizations of your project, helping you see your vision come to life. The sheets included are:

    What We Offer:
    • Exterior Rendering in Folsom, CA
    • Interior Rendering in Folsom, CA

    These renderings allow you to explore and refine your design before construction begins, ensuring the final result exceeds your expectations.

    Golden State Design & Engineering: Your Partner in Reimagining Spaces

    Golden State Design & Engineering is committed to reimagining spaces and creating architectural designs that inspire and endure. Our services of commercial and residential architectural designs in Folsom and dedicated team ensure that every project is a success. Reach out to us today!

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    Our materials are eco-friendly and green certified.


    We want you to be confident in your decision, no pressure sales.
    What Client Says

    Customer Reviews

    VlaDi P.
    VlaDi P.
    Very detail oriented group of guys designing and engineering homes. Had my addition and an ADU as well as my customers projects engineered by Golden State Design & Engineering, great experience.
    Semir Avdic
    Semir Avdic
    Golden state design did the design and engineering for my custom home. From the start William and his team were beyond helpful. The plans were well thought out and easy to read. Throughout the project any questions I had, William made himself available to answer very promptly. In addition to this, Golden State took on several other projects for us, and the results were just as great. William prepared all of the paperwork, filed with the county and did any revisions the county needed. I am beyond happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone. I will be doing an ADU in the near future and I can’t wait to see what golden state design can help us come up with.
    Angel Raya Soto
    Angel Raya Soto
    Golden State Design and Engineering did a great job with the design and with the permit process for my ADU, I highly recommend this firm, very knowledgeable!
    Ilia Gotisan
    Ilia Gotisan
    It was an absolute great pleasure working with Golden State Design & Engineering on our custom home. Even though we were working in different states, their professionalism, quick responsiveness, and attention to every detail exceeded my expectations. William and his team took their quality time and effort to bring all of our dream home expectations into reality. Their envision is highly unique and impressive. Thank you to the Golden State Design & Engineering team for your service.
    Nicholas Beliy
    Nicholas Beliy
    Recently had the pleasure of working with Golden State on a restoration project, and I must say, they surpassed all my expectations. We hired them to handle the design, drafting, engineering, and permit acquisition, and their expertise and professionalism were truly outstanding. From the moment we brought Golden State on board, it was clear that we had made the right choice. Their team, led by William, displayed an impressive level of knowledge and skill throughout the entire project. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence were evident in every aspect of their work. They took the time to understand the unique requirements of the restoration project and delivered a design that perfectly balanced modern functionality with the preservation of historical elements. Their ability to capture the vision of the project and translate it into a comprehensive plan set was truly impressive. They paid meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that all specifications were accurately represented in the drawings. As well as addressing the structural challenges. One of the greatest advantages of working with Golden State was their ability to handle the often time-consuming and frustrating process of obtaining permits. They took charge of the permit acquisition process, liaising with the necessary authorities and ensuring that all documentation was submitted promptly and accurately. This saved us a significant amount of time and allowed us to focus on other aspects of the project. Throughout the project, William and Yasir were reliable and responsive points of contact. They maintained open lines of communication, keeping us informed of progress, addressing any concerns promptly, and providing valuable guidance and expert advice when needed. Their professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction were truly commendable. Thank you, Golden State Design and Engineering Firm, for your exceptional services!
    Jing Zhou
    Jing Zhou
    I hired William to design my ADU for me! They are very responsive and efficient! After we got the permit from the county, they are still willing to follow up if I need to make some changes to the permitted plans. And when my contractors have questions about the plans, they are willing to spend the time to discuss with my contractors. I really appreciate their help!!!
    stepan gorodnyy
    stepan gorodnyy
    I had the most incredible experience working with William and his team at (Golden State Design & Engineering), on our custom home. From their responsiveness and professional approach to their design and engineering skills, every aspect of the process exceeded my expectations. Their team's understanding and kindness made the collaboration smooth and enjoyable. There informative guidance and attention to detail truly set them apart, and I most definitely would recommend their services to anyone in need of residential design and engineering expertise.
    Alek Davis
    Alek Davis
    William built an ADU in my backyard. He handled everything from planning and getting permits to construction (only the original home plan was my idea). Some jobs (foundation, roof, HVAC, electrical, stucco, etc.) were done by subcontractors, but William was closely monitoring the work during all phases and his team did a lot of hands on jobs (site preparation, framing, insulation, interior, cabinets, painting, etc.) as well. In a few instances, William came up with the solutions that saved me thousands (he figured out how to set up electrical without having to add a new panel, chose the optimal option for solar, etc.). I'm very happy with the end result and would not hesitate to recommend William and his company for any type of construction or remodeling jobs.
    Elite Auto Imports Inc.
    Elite Auto Imports Inc.
    William was easy to work with. He knows his trade well. Till next project guys! Thanks again.
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