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    Project Description

    "Introducing the Skislope Way Project: Nestled in the heart of Truckee, California's Donner Lake area, this residential vacation home is a true oasis. Situated in an HOA community, it offers 5000 sq ft of harmonious living space designed for ultimate relaxation. Large windows seamlessly connect interior and exterior environments, while a state-of-the-art indoor spa area adds a touch of luxury."

    Project Challenges

    "This project presented several challenges, including steep grading contours necessitating careful nesting of the house within the landscape and limitations on driveway steepness due to the icy climate. Strict HOA design guidelines and accommodating large snow loads further complicated the project. Material selection was critical for durability against harsh weather conditions. Additionally, we aimed to create an oasis-like atmosphere by incorporating larger windows for scenic viewpoints and ample natural light. Balancing indoor and outdoor spaces while adhering to design guidelines posed challenges, but we successfully navigated them to ensure the house provided a comfortable and inviting retreat for its occupants."

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    What we did

    "We tackled the project challenges by meticulously integrating the house within the landscape, considering the steep grading contours and driveway limitations imposed by the icy climate. Adhering to strict HOA guidelines, we designed the structure to withstand large snow loads, carefully selecting materials for durability against harsh weather conditions. Additionally, we prioritized creating a serene oasis-like environment by maximizing natural light with larger windows and balancing indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate various activities. Despite the complexities, our team successfully delivered a comfortable and inviting retreat that harmonized with its surroundings."


    "Our efforts resulted in a harmonious and resilient dwelling that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. By carefully addressing steep grading contours and driveway limitations, we ensured both functionality and safety in icy conditions. Adhering to strict HOA guidelines, the structure is robust enough to withstand large snow loads. The incorporation of larger windows creates a serene oasis-like atmosphere, maximizing scenic viewpoints and natural light. The balanced indoor and outdoor spaces offer ample room for various activities, providing a comfortable and inviting retreat for occupants to enjoy year-round."

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