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    Project Description

    "Introducing the Oak Knoll Project: A contemporary masterpiece seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor living. This project features a 1000 sq ft detached ADU space, designed to elevate modern living with a focus on harmonizing with nature."

    Project Challenges

    "This project presented multifaceted challenges, including navigating county regulations while leveraging incentives for development. Our goal was to create a secondary income stream for the client, requiring careful adherence to county regulations. Additionally, the design needed to complement the existing main house on the site and create an inviting atmosphere in the limited backyard space. Balancing regulatory requirements, financial objectives, and aesthetic considerations posed significant hurdles that demanded innovative solutions and meticulous planning."

    civil engineering designing

    What we did

    "To address the challenges, we conducted comprehensive research to understand and comply with county regulations, while strategically leveraging incentives to benefit the client. Our design approach focused on creating a secondary income stream through thoughtful planning and maximizing space utilization. Careful attention was paid to harmonizing the new structure with the existing main house, ensuring a seamless blend of architectural styles. In the limited backyard space, we optimized layout and landscaping to create an inviting and functional environment. Through meticulous planning and creative problem-solving, we successfully accommodated the challenges to deliver a tailored solution that exceeded expectations."


    "Our efforts culminated in a successful outcome that met all regulatory requirements while capitalizing on county incentives to benefit the client financially. The design seamlessly integrated with the existing main house, creating a cohesive and inviting aesthetic. In the small backyard space, our solution optimized functionality and appeal. Overall, we delivered a project that not only met but exceeded expectations, providing the client with a valuable secondary income stream and a harmonious addition to their property."

    civil engineering home design
    civil engineering designing
    civil engineering home design
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