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    Project Description

    "Discover the Man of War Project: A 2800 sq ft custom farmhouse-style home, ideal for growing families. Combining charm with functionality, this residence offers versatile living spaces tailored to modern family life."

    Project Challenges

    "This project presented several challenges, including the precise placement of viewpoints and grading adjustments to accommodate a lot-specific floor plan layout. The rear of the house opens to a stunning golf course, necessitating elevation grading to accommodate a steep driveway. Additionally, working harmoniously with our client posed a challenge as the project was located across the country. Despite these hurdles, our team successfully navigated the complexities to deliver a tailored solution that exceeded expectations."

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    What we did

    "We addressed the challenges by meticulously planning the placement of viewpoints and executing precise grading adjustments to accommodate the lot-specific floor plan layout. Elevation grading was carefully managed to integrate a steep driveway seamlessly with the rear opening to the beautiful golf course. Despite the distance, we maintained open communication and collaborated closely with our client throughout the project. Our team's dedication ensured a harmonious process and a successful outcome that met the client's vision."


    "Our efforts resulted in a seamlessly integrated project that met the client's expectations and harmonized with the natural surroundings. Precise viewpoint placement and grading adjustments optimized the lot-specific floor plan layout, while the elevation grading effectively accommodated the steep driveway without compromising the aesthetics. Despite the distance, our collaborative approach ensured a successful outcome that exceeded the client's expectations and showcased our commitment to quality and client satisfaction."

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