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    Project Descripation

    "Introducing the Gilardi Project: An 8000+ sq.ft. luxury custom home in Newcastle, CA. Featuring a spacious 6000 sq.ft. living area, 2-car and RV garage, expansive outdoor spaces, great room, kitchen, dirty kitchen, master bedroom, 4 total bedrooms, and a large bonus game room. Elevate your lifestyle with unparalleled comfort and sophistication."

    Project Challenge

    "Tailoring the design for the specific property of the Gilardi Rd. Project presented unique challenges. Our goal was to capture precise viewpoints while ensuring each room had its own private, creative environment. Integrating the floor plan with the exterior landscape required meticulous elevation planning, harmonizing interior and exterior spaces. Additionally, grading constraints mandated adjustments to nest the design within existing soil contours, minimizing costs for the client while preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings."

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    What We Did

    "We conducted precise elevation surveys to capture optimal viewpoints, ensuring each room embraced its surroundings. Our strategic floor plan design promoted seamless indoor-outdoor interaction while maintaining privacy. Innovative grading techniques minimized excavation costs, preserving the natural landscape. Through meticulous planning, we tailored the project to the property, delivering a harmonious living space that celebrates both indoor comfort and outdoor beauty."


    "The Gilardi Rd. Project culminated in a harmonious living space where every room embraces scenic views while maintaining privacy. The seamless indoor-outdoor integration enhances the overall experience, complemented by cost-effective grading solutions that preserve the natural landscape. The result is a tailored oasis that balances comfort with the beauty of the surrounding environment."

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