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    Project Description

    "Explore the Crowe Creek Trail Project: A 4500 sq.ft. custom Scandinavian-inspired haven, seamlessly blending with nature. Featuring a 2-car garage, RV garage, spacious great room, indoor spa, and stunning patio space, this residence redefines modern living in harmony with its surroundings."

    Project Challenges

    "This project presented several challenges, including the integration of a new and unique design style that harmonized with the natural surroundings and HOA requirements. Additionally, converting attic space into a usable room above the garage required innovative solutions to address structural considerations and functionality. With limitations on lot coverage, strategic planning was essential to optimize space while adhering to regulations. Preserving specific viewpoints added complexity, necessitating careful design to balance the need for additional space with maintaining desired vistas. Despite these hurdles, our team successfully delivered a solution that met both regulatory standards and client expectations."

    commercial residential design

    What we did

    "To address the challenges, we conducted thorough research to develop a design that seamlessly blended with the natural environment and met HOA requirements. Innovative structural solutions were implemented to convert attic space into functional rooms above the garage. Strategic planning enabled us to optimize space usage while adhering to lot coverage limitations. Careful consideration was given to preserving specific viewpoints throughout the project. Through meticulous planning and creative problem-solving, we successfully navigated these challenges to deliver a solution that exceeded expectations."


    "Our efforts culminated in a successful outcome, seamlessly integrating a unique design style with the natural surroundings while satisfying HOA requirements. The conversion of attic space into functional rooms above the garage added valuable living space to the property. Despite lot coverage limitations, we optimized space usage without compromising functionality. By preserving specific viewpoints, we ensured the property's aesthetic appeal remained intact. The final result exceeded expectations, demonstrating our ability to overcome challenges and deliver a solution that met both regulatory standards and client satisfaction."

    commercial residential design
    architect in los angeles
    residential structural engineering services
    small modern house interior design
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